Miranda Bird

Lesson Designer

Miranda Bird is a fifteen-year old homeschooler from Jacksonville, Florida. She enjoys reading, writing, volunteering, participating in 4-H and her local Civil Air Patrol squadron, and competing in the CyberPatriot cyber security competition. She is a 4-H Emerald Clover Award winner, a Duval County Farm Bureau Speech Competition Winner, and 3rd place winner in the District Speech Competition. She is also active in her youth group and enjoys being a part of the youth dance and choir groups. She offers astronomy workshops with her dad to members in the community, using either professional telescopes or a Starlab planetarium. She has a passion for writing and is usually not found without a book close by.


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Courses by Miranda:

How to Use Microsoft Word: Computer programs of all types are part of the daily lives for most of us today. This eight-week video course walks you through how to use Microsoft Word® so that you can use it as easily and efficiently as possible whether you are doing your homework, creating a resume for work, typing a list of things to do, or writing the next bestselling novel.