Carolyn VanGorkom

Director of

Carolyn VanGorkom lives in Northern California with her family. Her husband, Dan, is a local worship pastor. Both of their children – homeschooled from 2006 – have now graduated from high school. Carolyn’s 16-year homeschool journey was preceded by a career as a credentialed math teacher and as a Christian school teacher of many subjects. She joined Schoolhouse Teachers as a curriculum specialist on the quality assurance team; she is now working with the editing team as well. Her other interests include singing on the worship team, writing historical novels (she has two published on Amazon), and blogging about history and current events. You can find her website at

Courses taught by Carolyn

Algebra 1: This 36-week course is designed for students who have completed pre-algebra and are ready to advance to the next level of math. This course covers a pre-algebra review, algebraic expressions, solving linear equations, graphing, inequalities, systems of equations, polynomials, factoring, and exponential expressions. It concludes with a final test.

Geometry in Real Life

Geometry in Real Life: Our Geometry in Real Life homeschool math course, created exclusively for, presents the sometimes-complicated world of geometry in understandable, applicable lessons that give every student the opportunity to succeed. Using real-world examples and a touch of humor, this course is a delight for students and parents alike.

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The History of Hanukkah Unit Study is written by Carolyn VanGorkom. Carolyn is a homeschool mom, co-op teacher, former public school teacher, and author. Check out her Running Home series on Amazon. Book One follows the Transcontinental Railroad deep into the mountains of California.

Intro to Calculus: Derivatives and Integrals provides students with a foundation in early calculus concepts. Whether aiming for an engineering degree or planning to take the AP Math exam, your student can use this course as a next step along the homeschool math journey. Intro to Calculus is a 36-week course designed for students who have successfully completed Precalculus.

Physical Science: Through downloadable and online readings, experiments/labs, and hands-on projects, students explore the three main branches of physical science—chemistry, physics, and earth science. Topics such as elements, acids and bases, chemical formulas, force and motion, work and energy, electricity and magnetism, geology, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, and more are explored.

Story Skills for Reading Comprehension will take your student through multiple stories, examining the parts which make it interesting. Students will learn about characters, conflict, plot, and point of view, among other skills. Those skills, in turn, lead to a deeper comprehension of the story being read.