Why SchoolhouseTeachers.com Has the
Best Online Homeschool Geography Curriculum

homeschool geography curriculum

We live in a time when the world feels like it is right at our fingertips, so it’s easier than ever to teach geography to our children. Finding the right geography curriculum for our homeschool can feel daunting . . . but it doesn’t have to be. One family membership to SchoolhouseTeachers.com allows your family to access more than a dozen geography courses! From Learning Across the USA to Wonders of the World, your family can adventure all over the globe without needing a passport!

In the age of GPS navigational tools, learning about maps may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it’s truly a valuable skill to pass on to our children. SchoolhouseTeachers.com’s All About Maps course will teach your homeschool students to develop the skills to understand maps. This geography course will take your child from studying basic map skills to understanding how settlement has impacted political maps. It is a fantastic course to add to your curriculum.

Perhaps you’re looking for geography curriculum that your whole family can work on together. A Splash of Geography on the SchoolhouseTeachers.com website will allow your first through 12th grade students to study the same events, but at their own level of understanding. Your homeschooling family will map the famous flights of Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart, learn how country boundaries changed after World War I, study the colonies of Jamestown and Plymouth, and so much more.

Your homeschooled high school student can journey back to Biblical times with our Geography of the Bible curriculum. Watch seventeen high-quality videos and answer worksheet questions about Doorway to the Promised Land, The Living Waters of Jerusalem, The 7 Churches of Revelation, and more. Additional essay questions will provide an opportunity for your student to dig deeper through research.

No geography curriculum would be complete without Learning Across the USA. No car keys needed for this road trip! Your 2nd through 5th grade homeschooler will enjoy hands-on learning by creating a notebook of all fifty states. From Delaware to Hawaii, your homeschooler will discover each state’s famous people and landmarks, state bird, tree, and even the origin of the state name.

There are times when we homeschooling parents need to find a small course to squeeze in before a break or the end of the year and Wonders of the World, a five-week geography curriculum, will do the trick! Your elementary-level students will be amazed ancient wonders like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or the Great Pyramid of Giza. Their imagination will come alive as they hear about the modern wonders like the Empire State Building and the Panama Canal. Your learners will love the crafts, copywork, stories, coloring pages, and other hands-on activities.

Our world can feel a little overwhelming, but geography curriculum from SchoolhouseTeachers.com brings it a little closer to home. Arming your homeschoolers with knowledge of people and places around the globe will provide endless opportunities for adventure and fun. It’s a big world out there . . . take time to explore it!