ABC What Will I Be? -

ABC: What Will I Be?

Length: 26 Weekly Lessons
Includes: Activities and Resources
Age/Grade: Preschool

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How to Use This Course

ABC: What Will I Be? is a preschool course by Alecia Francois, a pastor’s wife, blogger, and mother of two. She brings you crafts, sensory activities, math, and sometimes even science that you can use to help your preschooler learn their ABCs while learning about the world around them through different professions. The hands-on activities are fun while allowing you to explain many concepts that might not normally be brought up in a normal conversation, such as how the craters were formed on the moon (and what they are); you’ll find that in the A is for Astronaut pack. There is counting fun, sensory play ideas, a picture book list, and more!

Course Introduction

This course is designed as a letter-of-the-week curriculum. However, instead of the typical A is for Ant and B is for Bear, your preschooler will learn about twenty-six professions that exist, all while engaging in hands-on play.

Each lesson will feature one profession. There will be crafts, as well as sensory activities, math, and sometimes a few science activities as well. There will also be a book list for books to either borrow from your local library or to purchase.

The aim of this class is to teach preschoolers the letters of the alphabet playfully while deliberately expanding their literacy skills and knowledge of the world around them.

I hope you and your family enjoy it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my website,

  • A is for Astronaut
  • B is for Baker
  • C is for Construction Worker
  • D is for Doctor
  • E is for Electrician
  • F is for Fireman
  • G is for Golf Player
  • H is for Horse Trainer
  • I is for Investigator
  • J is for Judge
  • K is for Kitchen Hand
  • L is for Librarian
  • M is for Music Teacher
  • N is for Nurse
  • O is for Optician
  • P is for Photographer
  • Q is for Quarterback
  • R is for Race Car Driver
  • S is for Swimmer
  • T is for Tennis Player
  • U is for Umpire
  • V is for Veterinarian
  • W is for Waiter
  • X is for X-ray Technician
  • Y is for Yarn Examiner
  • Z is for Zookeeper

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