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Charlotte Mason Preschool

Length: 6 months
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: Preschool
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How to Use This Course

Six self-contained units are available. Simply print the ones that look the most interesting to you and get ready to have some fun with your preschooler! You may need to obtain some of the recommended living books from your local library, so be sure to allow time to get the books you choose.

Course Introduction

The preschool years should be a time of unhindered play and exploration. For those familiar with the Charlotte Mason method and the idea that formal lessons should not begin until approximately age six, you may be wondering what a Charlotte Mason Preschool course could possibly look like.

This course offers suggestions and ideas for parents who are looking for age-appropriate activities that are also compatible with the Charlotte Mason philosophy. Often our young children desire to start “school” because their friends are going off to preschool or because they want to be just like their siblings. It is possible to offer preschoolers intentional activities that address their needs, while still pulling from the lovely methods of Charlotte Mason.

Each month I have provided an outline with four weeks of lessons based around one Nature Study theme, and I have incorporated other activities that are accessible to preschoolers, such as Handicrafts, Art, and Living Books. Each week’s lessons only contains 3-4 activities so that your preschooler has plenty of time for free play, exploring outdoors, and even working on their handicrafts.

Nature Study: I suggest you aim for at least one dedicated nature study during your outdoor play each week, and I will provide an activity that correlates with the monthly theme. The activity will provide ideas for helping your preschooler use all of their senses and develop their observation skills.

Living Books: Each month I will suggest a few living books that fit with the general theme. Quality is better than quantity, and it is perfectly acceptable to read the same beloved book many times if your child is forming a relationship with the characters. Your librarian can also offer suggestions for appropriate books.

Handicrafts: Handicrafts are a way of making something useful, beautiful, and purposeful. The activities you will find here may be a specific handicraft project or a simple activity that helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. I also believe life skills and cooking/baking fall under the umbrella of Handicrafts, so there will often be activities for your child to help you around the house!

Fine Arts: It is my hope to put our children in touch with lovely thoughts and ideas, and each month I will try to include a picture study, music appreciation, and/or poetry, as well as activities that promote artistic exploration and creativity.

Early Academics: While these will never be the focus of this course, I will occasionally suggest fun hands-on activities that allow you to explore early mathematics or literacy skills with your preschoolers.

Monthly units focused on nature study, living books, handicrafts, fine arts, and early academics.

Unit 1: Snow and Ice
Unit 2: Birds
Unit 3: Weather
Unit 4: Insects
Unit 5: Gardening
Unit 6: Colors in Nature

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