Best Homeschool Health Curriculum

homeschool health curriculumTeaching health and fitness is about more than just checking off a requirement. It’s really about instilling lifelong habits into our kids to help them appreciate and take care of their bodies. Since kids learn healthy habits best by example, offers a homeschool health curriculum that can help your whole family reach for health and fitness goals. There are grade-level courses that focus on specific topics, as well as options for your entire family to enjoy together.

For your little learner, the Preschool Playground is the place to find courses and activities to practice skills in manners, health, and safety.

Kindergarten Health gently introduces the older preschooler or kindergartener to the importance of nutrition, sleep, hygiene, and exercise. Short lessons written directly to your child, combined with colorful illustrations and easy activities, make learning to take care of themselves fun.

The Growing Healthy homeschool health curriculum sequence is designed for elementary students. Each level includes nine lessons that can be explored at the pace that best fits your family’s schedule.

  • Growing Healthy in First Grade combines engaging text, links to additional resources, and simple activities to teach about nutrition, sleep, hygiene, exercise, self-care, safety, and manners. Your child can design a bedtime routine and complete “What will you do now?” challenges that put learning into action.
  • Growing Healthy in Second Grade expands your child’s understanding of nutrition, hygiene, and manners, as well as germs and bad weather safety. He learns the answers to questions like “Are all germs bad?” and “What is the first key to eating healthy?” Activities, links to additional resources, and book lists expand your learning opportunities.
  • Growing Healthy in Third Grade introduces your child to basic first aid and emergency situations, along with lessons on hospitality and exercise. She can help design a family emergency exit plan, choose clothing that can be seen easily at night, assemble a first aid kit, practice hospitality to others, and more.
  • Growing Healthy in Fourth Grade incorporates World Book Online resources to teach your child about body systems and first aid. Children at this age love to gather facts; so, these lessons, written in a question-and-answer format, fill your child’s mind with information like the number of muscles in the body, how we hear, and the physical benefits of exercise. Calculating heart rate and compiling a list of emergency phone numbers create opportunities for elementary students to learn responsibility for themselves and those around them.

Preventing and Responding to Emergencies is designed with older elementary and middle school students in mind. Does your child know how to spot a potentially dangerous situation? This homeschool health curriculum helps you teach your child how to handle issues related to weather, strangers, and the environment. Learning to identify and avoid potential hazards is the first step toward staying safe.

Middle school students learn how choices they make affect their growing bodies now and later in life through Health 101 lessons. This full-year homeschool health curriculum includes opportunities for your preteen or young teen to engage in activities across a variety of health and fitness topics. also offers homeschool health curriculum options that encourage your whole family to build healthy habits together. Add courses like Family Fitness, Family Nutrition, and Nourishing Nuggets to your family’s routine. In addition, visit our Homeschool Physical Education Center for more resources that will have you on your way to setting and reaching fitness goals for children from kindergarten through high school!