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Alexis Bennett

Lesson Designer

Alexis is a homeschooling mom by day, graphic designer by night. She began unexpectedly homeschooling in 2014 when her oldest would have begun kindergarten. It was life changing, and she wouldn’t have it any other way! She believes God moves us in mysterious ways, and she is always grateful for the many blessings she has received. An amazing husband and three wonderfully crazy kids keep her on her toes. When she’s not teaching her kids, taking them to their many activities, or working on a design project, she likes to unwind with a great book or puzzle. She loves reading, art, blogging, and hanging out with family and friends. She blogs about homeschooling, her Christian faith, the NICU, parenting, and more at Modern Momma Musings -

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Courses Taught by Alexis:

Building a Foundation with Kindergarten Math: Introduce your little learners to the concepts and basics of the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather, number recognition, counting, skip counting, shapes, money, place value, and more with lots of hands-on activities and printable worksheets.

Exploring Citizenship in First Grade is an introductory look at what it means to be a citizen. Through suggested reading, conversation, and printable activities, students can learn about the world around them and a few of the various types of leaders.

Fun with Fairy Tales is a fun language arts unit that studies important concepts such as identifying parts of a story and figurative language through the world of fairy tales, making it a perfect introductory unit for younger elementary students. Almost any stories can be used for most lessons, and links are provided to find many fairy tales online as well.

Having Fun with Kindergarten Science: Each week’s lesson is broken down into four daily assignments. Lessons include printable components, engaging visuals, discussion ideas, hands-on activities, and suggested book lists.