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Customize Your Homeschool with School Boxes has taken the work out of planning your homeschool day! Whether you are a brand new homeschooler wondering where to start or a veteran homeschool mom wanting to lighten your planning load, the virtual School Box provides all the curriculum and lesson plans you need for each of your students—in each of their grades—to experience an engaging, fun year of learning. Grab a School Box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! is being used in what’s called the Schoolhouse Network. These are highly-organized homeschool co-ops which exclusively utilize the courses found on this platform. The Schoolhouse Network is free to join; all a family needs is a membership to ST and they can enroll in their local Schoolhouse – plus use the Schoolhouses within the network. For instance, your family might belong to a particular Schoolhouse where you and other parents teach the classes created from ST courses, preschool – high school. But if your Schoolhouse does not offer a Driver’s Ed class, you would have the option to enroll at the Schoolhouse across town that does, and have your student take the class there. No enrollment fees, no per-child fees, no per-class fees. Learn more about the Schoolhouse Network here: Maybe your city has several now; if not, let’s create a local Schoolhouse Network.

Video about the courses on the SchoolhouseTeachers platform and how to create Schoolhouse classes HERE.

It’s the curriculum site of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. We currently offer curriculum for preschool through high school, as well as several resources for parents. Courses vary in length and intensity, from a few weeks to a full year or more. Academic weighting for transcripts of many high school classes is included.

Courses are not live, so you always have the option of starting any curriculum at any point in time. You can simply visit an earlier lesson and begin at whatever point you are ready. Curricula are presented in a variety of formats. Almost all courses have a written component. Some courses, such as Film-making, Beginning Guitar, Beginning Violin, French, and Spanish, also offer an audio or video component with their lessons.

Curriculum on is presented in either a downloadable or online format. There are no physical items included in your membership.

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Also Included for Our Members:

Unsure what is to be taught at each grade level, or the order in which it is taught for the best learning? Visit our Scope and Sequence to see both what is taught and a logical sequence of how to cover each subject.

Overwhelmed by report cards and tracking attendance? Simplify your life with Applecore and get help with portfolios and transcripts as well. It’s a free benefit for our members.

Do you crave organization? Do your children work better when their school days are laid out for them? Use our Schedule Builder to create and print schedules to include all your children’s courses and activities.

Don’t let the thought of homeschooling during the high school years scare you. We’ll help you through it with transcript help, academic credit suggestions, planners, college guidance, and career exploration.

Could you use an extra dose of encouragement? You’ve come to the right place. Find articles, information, and classes geared towards the special needs child, as well as support for the whole family.

We know how stressful homeschooling—and even parenting—can sometimes be. Why not come over for some encouragement? We also have testimonials, how-to’s, and resources just for you.

Our members are so special, they receive benefits beyond classes for their entire families. Members enjoy discounts, bonus e-books, Schoolhouse planners, monthly menus, and more.

Homeschooled kids love good shows. Browse our wide video selection that includes Bible studies, originals, marriage seminars, and educational documentaries. No limits on all 25,000+ streaming family videos!

Do you have a child who is struggling with a particular skill? Do you need help presenting information in a new way? Our Focused Learning Centers are designed to help you find resources quickly, by skill and topic.
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Common Core Statement

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and are not aligned with Common Core Standards. The Company has always worked to set the highest standards for homeschool families and provide the needed resources for all of our member families to successfully achieve them. Intentionally, we have not formatted any of our classes to align with Common Core, and we believe our classes in actuality exceed those standards--which are often confusing and sometimes inappropriate. We believe each child should work at his or her own pace and continue to progress to reach their highest potential without regard to changing fads or stressful testing methods.