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Wildlife Adventures

Length: 15 Weekly Lessons
Includes: Videos, Activities and More!
Age/Grade: Elementary – Middle School

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How to Use This Course

Wildlife Adventures is a series of lessons that gives students a short, detailed look at a variety of animals. It helps the student learn about many birds and sea creatures through the use of Scripture, copywork, vocabulary, spelling, geography, math, and more. There are fun activities, including crafts and coloring pages. Covering one to two weeks each, the 15 lessons in this course can be studied in any order as each lesson is a complete stand-alone lesson. There are optional cover pages and notebooking pages provided for the animals the student will study in this course. Wildlife Adventures encourages the use of a wildlife binder and journal to keep track of the information presented.

Course Introduction

This course is designed to provide students with a short but detailed look at a variety of animals. From birds to sea creatures, students will learn many interesting facts and a great deal of information. Learn about the history and symbolism of the bald eagle. Examine the role the pelican played in Christianity. Through the use of videos, photos, and fun activities, students can learn about anatomy, habits, feeding, life cycle, and more.

Students are sure to enjoy the different ways each animal is discussed. They will have Bible reading, Scripture memorization, copywork, vocabulary, spelling, geography, math, etc. Fun activities include crafts, coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and so on.

Lesson 1: Magnificent Frigate
Lesson 2: Bald Eagle
Lesson 3: Pelican
Lesson 4: Birds
Lesson 5: Dolphins
Lesson 6: Manatee
Lesson 7: Sea Lions
Lesson 8: Mammals
Lesson 9: Sea Turtles
Lesson 10: American Alligator
Lesson 11: Frogs
Lesson 12: Butterflies
Lesson 13: Jellyfish
Lesson 14: Sand Dollar
Lesson 15: Seashells

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