Citizenship Around the World -

Citizenship Around the World

Length:  15 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 5th – 6th Grades
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How to Use This Course

This course explores what it means to be a citizen, some of the ways individuals become citizens, and some of the rights and responsibilities of citizens. It also looks at various types of political systems around the world, as well as the economy. Students also have the opportunity to learn about, compare, and contrast the founding documents of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Course Introduction

Citizenship Around the World helps students understand the role of citizens and the role of government; the way the economies of nations affect each other; various types of political systems around the world; the founding documents of the United States, Canada, and Mexico; and the roles and responsibilities of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Students create a notebook of what they learn, record key vocabulary terms and definitions, and complete interactive quizzes to review the information learned.

The founding documents of several nations are also explored. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Emancipation Proclamation, Articles of Confederation, and Federalist Papers are studied in relation to the United States. The Constitution Acts are studied in relation to Canada, and the Constitution of 1917 is studied in relation to Mexico.

  • Week One: Who Is a Citizen or Resident?
  • Week Two: The Rights of Citizenship
  • Week Three: The Responsibilities of Citizenship
  • Week Four: Types of Government
  • Week Five: The Role of Government
  • Week Six: The Economy and Political Systems Around the World
  • Weeks Seven-Eight: Founding Documents of the United States
  • Weeks Nine-Ten: Founding Documents of Canada
  • Weeks Eleven-Twelve: Founding Documents of Mexico
  • Week Thirteen: The Legislative Branch
  • Week Fourteen: The Executive Branch
  • Week Fifteen: The Judicial Branch

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