Multiplication Workshop -

Multiplication Workshop

Length: 160 Worksheets
Includes: Printable Speed Drills, Word Problems +
Age/Grade: Elementary
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How to Use This Course

The Multiplication Workshop is a step-by-step guide to learning or practicing multiplication tables using written problems, manipulatives, flash cards, word problems, and speed drills. The 160 worksheets spend the most time working on the concept of multiplication and learning the 1-12 times tables. As a bonus at the end of the workshop, multiplication with multiple-digit numbers is introduced.

Course Introduction

The Multiplication Workshop is designed to be fully customizable and taken at the student’s own pace. Written problems, speed drills, manipulatives, flash cards, and word problems can be used in any combination. Built-in reviews test the student’s comprehension of the facts learned, ocean creatures add a component of fun, and complete answer keys are included.

This unit can be used to teach multiplication from the beginning or used to reinforce multiplication skills learned. Each part of the unit can stand alone, so families are free to use whichever portion of the unit fits their needs.

Printable unit includes written problems, speed drills, manipulatives, flash cards, and word problems.

  • Multiplication Workshop Worksheets 1-160
    • Notes for Parents
    • Times Tables Quick Reference
    • Introduction
    • 1 Times Tables (Worksheets 1-3)
    • 2 Times Tables (Worksheets 4-8)
    • 3 Times Tables (Worksheets 9-16)
    • 4 Times Tables (Worksheets 17-27)
    • 5 Times Tables (Worksheets 28-38)
    • 6 Times Tables (Worksheets 39-49)
    • Review Worksheets (Worksheets 50-53)
    • 7 Times Tables (Worksheets 54-64)
    • 8 Times Tables (Worksheets 65-75)
    • 9 Times Tables (Worksheets 76-86)
    • Review Worksheets (Worksheets 87-92)
    • 10 Times Tables (Worksheets 93-103)
    • 11 Times Tables (Worksheets 104-114)
    • 12 Times Tables (Worksheets 115-125)
    • Review Worksheets (Worksheets 126-133)
    • What’s Next (Multi-Digit Multiplication and Worksheets 134-160)
    • Answer Keys Worksheets 1-160
  • Multiplication Flash Cards
  • Multiplication Manipulatives
  • Speed Practice Drills 1-16

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