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Advent Film Group’s cofounder, George Escobar, presents the filmmaking course on for young filmmakers through detailed video instruction and assignments at the end of each video. Topics covered include story structure, screenwriting, casting, and other elements of filmmaking, including editing, sales, marketing, and more. The challenge to your student is to not only learn to make films, but for Christian filmmakers, it is important to put God back into films. The lessons are best followed in consecutive order as they build on each other throughout the course. This course counts as an elective fine arts/technology course. Students who successfully complete the entire 33-week course may earn 1 full academic credit. As always, please check your own state’s academic requirements.

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Course Introduction

Advent Film Group’s cofounder, George Escobar, is presenting a 30-part narrated series of short lessons for young filmmakers. Each weekly lesson encapsulates basic but core information about different aspects of filmmaking. Topics will include story structure, screenwriting, casting, and the many elements of film production, including pre- and post-production editing. Other topics will cover sales, marketing, distribution, evaluating film equipment, and career planning.

Following each lesson, a brief assignment or exercise is given to reinforce key points of the subject matter. Links to online film tools or video clips will also be provided to expand or facilitate the lesson.

Advent Film Group is an independent film production and distribution company established to create excellent Christian films by raising up excellent Christian filmmakers. Advent is committed to creating entertaining films that are good for families and that affirm biblical values and principles.

In addition to making entertaining films with powerful messages, Advent is organized around the idea of training the next generation of Christian filmmakers by providing high school students, college students, and adults with hands-on exposure and experience in filmmaking. By making movies that utilize students’ skills and passions, Advent seeks to inspire them to serve God in this crucial message-making and culture-shaping field.

The first opportunity was with Come What May, as 40 students participated in all aspects of the film—from pre-production to filming to post-production to marketing. Since 2007, Advent has produced four feature films and one documentary.

Advent also has held film workshops across the country, some with more than 600 students. From these workshop attendees, nearly 120 aspiring filmmakers were selected to receive hands-on training on Advent film sets, with more than thirty of them holding long-term internships at Advent’s offices in Purcellville, Virginia.

With its vision, Advent Film Group looks to serve and honor God by:

  • Awakening and germinating vocational filmmaking seeds God has placed in the hearts of many young people
  • Building long-term relationships with these young filmmakers, nurturing and encouraging them to grow in their skill and their focus on God’s vision for their work
  • Helping seed and establish young people in the field of filmmaking

Advent Film Group’s goal is that within two generations a new crop of well-trained storytellers committed to Christ will be leading major studio productions of faithful, fruitful, God-affirming films.

Learn more at note: George provided bonus webinar material as part of this course. These one-hour sessions were taped at Advent Film Group’s fall 2012 national webinar: “Christian Filmmaking: Providing a Competitive Alternative to Hollywood.” These three webinars are outlined below (Between lessons 11 and 12).


Detailed video instruction along with assignments at the end of each video


33 weekly lessons


Middle-high school

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1, Part 1: Discovering God’s Stories
  • Lesson 1, Part 2: Discovering God’s Stories
  • Lesson 2: Basic Story Structure
  • Lesson 3: Basic Screenplay Writing
  • Lesson 4: Casting Basics
  • Lesson 5: Meet the Crew
  • Lesson 6: Script-to-Screen
  • Lesson 7: Choosing a Camera
  • Lesson 8: Principles of Composition
  • Lesson 9: Image Resolution
  • Lesson 10, Part 1: Lighting
  • Lesson 10, Part 2: Lighting
  • Lesson 11, Part 1: Basic Audio
  • Lesson 11, Part 2: Basic Audio: Gear for Location Recording
  • Special Webinar Series: Christian Filmmaking: Providing a Competitive Alternative to Hollywood (webinar), Part 1: “Making a Micro Budget Film—’The Screenwriters'”
  • Special Webinar Series: Christian Filmmaking: Providing a Competitive Alternative to Hollywood (webinar), Part 2: “Every Dad Can Be a Hero: Movies Really Do Matter”
  • Special Webinar Series: Christian Filmmaking: Providing a Competitive Alternative to Hollywood (webinar), Part 3: “The Power of Documentaries”
  • Lesson 12: Audio Recording
  • Lesson 13: Color Theory: An Introduction
  • Lesson 14: Post-Production
  • Lesson 15: Introduction to Color Grading
  • Lesson 16: Introduction to Audio Sweetening
  • Lesson 17: Distribution Methods
  • Lesson 18: Forming an LLC
  • Lesson 19: Micro-Budget to No-Budget Filmmaking
  • Lesson 20: Learning Your Craft
  • Lesson 21: Career Facet: Production Assistant
  • Lesson 22: Career Facet: Producer
  • Lesson 23: Career Facet: Director
  • Lesson 24: Career Facet: Line Director/Unit Production Manager
  • Lesson 25: Career Facet: Assistant Director
  • Lesson 26: Career Facet: Cinematographer/Director of Photography
  • Lesson 27: Career Facet: Production Designer
  • Lesson 28: Career Facet: Film Editor
  • Lesson 29: Planning Your Education and Career

Transcript Information

This course counts as an elective fine arts/technology course. Students who successfully complete the entire 33-week course may earn 1 full academic credit.

*Please be informed of your state’s academic requirements.

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Escobar Director - MediumGeorge Escobar, Director/Producer/Co-Writer, is co-founder of Advent Film Group (AFG), which produced Come What May, and the upcoming films Hero and The Screenwriters. He is the co-writer and co-director of Alone Yet Not Alone and director of The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment. He has more than 25 years of experience in film, television, and interactive media. Before cofounding Advent, George was Vice President of Product Development for Discovery Channel, Executive Director for AOL/Time Warner, and is a former Producing Fellow from the American Film Institute’s Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies. He holds seven U.S. patents in technology and user-interface design.

 In his career, George has worked for top executives in the industry, including Howard Stringer (Sony CEO), Sandy Grushow and David Grant (Fox), Kit Laybourne (TELE-TV), and Kim Friedman (TV director).

George and his wife homeschooled their three sons in northern Virginia.