Fraction Workshop -

Fraction Workshop

Length: 12 Weeks
Includes: Units, Worksheets and Answer Keys
Age/Grade: Elementary – Middle School
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How to Use This Course

This is a fun, twelve-week fraction workshop focusing on understanding the basics of fractions using a visual and hands-on approach. Designed for students of any age who need a boost in their understanding of fractions, this workshop will illustrate fractions using concrete objects—balls, vegetables, Popsicle sticks, and more. Over the course of twelve weeks, students will learn:

  • What a fraction is
  • The terms associated with fractions
  • How to multiply and divide fractions
  • How to add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators
  • How to apply their knowledge of fractions to word problems and the real world

Each week includes one printable lesson that is divided into two units. Lessons include instruction, practice problems, and answer keys.

Course Introduction

The PFE Fraction Workshop is a 12-week course aimed at ages 7 to 18. The PFE (Parenting for Education) system of learning works on goals that recognize differences among learners. Therefore, lessons are geared toward each student’s particular cognitive level. That is to say, a sixteen-year-old boy may never have learned or mastered basic fraction concepts, so he is hindered from further grasping other math lessons because of it. That sixteen-year-old may need to engage in the same lessons as a seven-year-old learner.

The PFE Fraction workshop begins with basic notions of the fraction in a living, learning environment. The course will progress to addition and subtraction of fractions by first handling multiplication and division of fractions.

Each week, two major lessons will be presented as part of one printable unit (i.e., Week One has one printable that contains two lessons, etc.). Students are expected to work on each lesson for 30 minutes or longer during two days of learning; they will review and summarize learning on a third day of the week, using the two major lessons. With each successive week, students will use Day Three to review and summarize the accumulation of lessons presented, starting from Week One.

Length: 12 weekly lessons
Includes: Weekly units that include printable instructions, practice problems, and answer keys
Age/Grade: Designed for elementary or middle school students or older students who need help grasping fractions before continuing into higher math

Week 1: Use your senses to understand fractions; symbols to recognize
Week 2: Words, terms, language of fractions; lowest term fractions
Week 3: Improper fractions, mixed numerals, and equivalent fractions
Week 4: Multiplication basics
Week 5: More multiplication
Week 6: Dividing fractions
Week 7: Applications and word problems
Week 8: Like denominators—add
Week 9: Unlike denominators—add
Week 10: Like denominators—subtract
Week 11: Unlike denominators—subtract
Week 12: Review of course basics

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