Starting Out with First Grade Math -

Starting Out with First Grade Math

Length: 36 Weeks
Includes: Slide shows and Assignments
Age/Grade: Elementary
Print a Certificate of Completion

How to Use This Course

This full-year course introduces first graders to the basic math concepts they need to build a strong foundation. Through interactive slides and printable assignments, students explore numbers, greater and less than, addition, subtraction, fact families, and much more.

Course Introduction

It’s important to build math confidence early in students, which is why these fun, interactive lessons are a great way to introduce your first graders to math. Each slideshow presents new information in bright and colorful ways. Ample printable practice is also included, as well as periodic reviews and tests. Answer keys are included for parents.

Downloadable interactive slideshows and printable assignments.

  • Lesson One: Counting Review
  • Lesson Two: Greater and less
  • Lesson Three: Putting Numbers in Order
  • Lesson Four: Comparing with < and >
  • Lesson Five: Adding with Pictures
  • Lesson Six: Addition Sentences
  • Lesson Seven: Adding with 0
  • Lesson Eight: Vertical Addition
  • Lesson Nine: Subtracting with Pictures
  • Lesson Ten: Subtraction Sentences
  • Lesson Eleven: Subtracting 0 and All
  • Lesson Twelve: Vertical Subtraction
  • Lesson Thirteen: Adding to Make 10
  • Lesson Fourteen: Adding to Make 4 and 5
  • Lesson Fifteen: Adding to Make 6 and 7
  • Lesson Sixteen: Adding to Make 8 and 9
  • Lesson Seventeen: Subtracting from 10
  • Lesson Eighteen: Subtracting from 4 and 5
  • Lesson Nineteen: Subtracting from 6 and 7
  • Lesson Twenty: Subtracting from 8 and 9
  • Lesson Twenty-One: Fact Families: 1-10
  • Lesson Twenty-Two: Adding 10-20
  • Lesson Twenty-Three: Subtracting 10-20
  • Lesson Twenty-Four: Fact Families 10-20
  • Lesson Twenty-Five: Using a Number Line to + and –
  • Lesson Twenty-Six: Find the Missing Number
  • Lesson Twenty-Seven: Counting Objects 1-100
  • Lesson Twenty-Eight: Putting Numbers 1-100 in Order
  • Lesson Twenty-Nine: Comparing Numbers 1-100 with < and >
  • Lesson Thirty: Counting by 2’s
  • Lesson Thirty-One: Counting by 2’s
  • Lesson Thirty-Two: Counting by 5’s
  • Lesson Thirty-Three: Counting by 5’s with Nickels
  • Lesson Thirty-Four: Counting by 5’s
  • Lesson Thirty-Five: Counting by 10’s
  • Lesson Thirty-Six: Counting by 10’s with Dimes
  • Lesson Thirty-Seven: Counting by 10’s
  • Lesson Thirty-Eight: 2-Digit Addition
  • Lesson Thirty-Nine: Column Addition
  • Lesson Forty: Addition with Carrying
  • Lesson Forty-One: Extra Practice with Carrying
  • Lesson Forty-Two: 2-Digit Subtracting
  • Lesson Forty-Three: 2-Digit Subtracting
  • Lesson Forty-Four: 3-Digit Subtracting
  • Lesson Forty-Five: Tally Marks
  • Lesson Forty-Six: Make a Chart
  • Lesson Forty-Seven: Make a Picture Graph
  • Lesson Forty-Eight: Reading a Bar Graph
  • Lesson Forty-Nine: Make a Bar Graph
  • Lesson Fifty: Reading a Clock – Hours
  • Lesson Fifty-One: Reading a Clock – Quarter and Half Hours
  • Lesson Fifty-Two: Extra Clock Practice
  • Lesson Fifty-Three: Calendars
  • Lesson Fifty-Four: Comparing Length
  • Lesson Fifty-Five: Measuring Length
  • Lesson Fifty-Six: Counting and Adding with Coins
  • Lesson Fifty-Seven: Adding with Coins
  • Lesson Fifty-Eight: Squares
  • Lesson Fifty-Nine: Rectangles
  • Lesson Sixty: Triangles
  • Lesson Sixty-One: Circles
  • Lesson Sixty-Two: Symmetry
  • Lesson Sixty-Three: Mental Addition: 2 Numbers
  • Lesson Sixty-Four: Mental Addition: 3 Numbers
  • Lesson Sixty-Five: Mental Subtraction: 2 Numbers
  • Lesson Sixty-Six: Mental Subtraction: 3 Numbers
  • Lesson Sixty-Seven: Word Problems with Addition
  • Lesson Sixty-Eight: Word Problems with Subtraction
  • Lesson Sixty-Nine: Counting to 1,000
  • Lesson Seventy: Place Value
  • Lesson Seventy-One: Order #s to 1,000
  • Lesson Seventy-Two: Number Words
  • Lesson Seventy-Three: Counting by 25s

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