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Hands-On Math Help with Cuisenaire Rods

Length: 45 lessons
Includes: Weekly video tutorials
Age/Grade: Parents
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How to Use This Course

Hands-On Math Help is a play-based math course based on Cuisenaire rods. It includes a free, downloadable Cuisenaire rod app (currently only available for Windows) and weekly video tutorials that are designed to teach parents how to teach math in a fun, hands-on way using the rods.

*Please note, if you do not have a Windows-based system, the videos can stand alone without the app and provide wonderful advice and teaching tips. The app is simply another tool you can use with your students.

Course Introduction

Hands-On Math Help with Cuisenaire Rods is designed to empower parents to help their children learn. Its purpose is to help parents of students in preschool-3rd grade make math enjoyable instead of frustrating. Through a free app and weekly tutorial videos, Philip Rowlands shows parents how to teach math in a manner that involves play, directed activities, open-ended tasks, and challenges. It is designed to work with Cuisenaire rods, but instructions for making your own set are included if you do not currently have them.

  • Lesson One: About Cuisenaire Rods
  • Lesson Two: Cuisenaire Rods and the Traditional Approach to Teaching Math
  • Lesson Three: Incidental Learning
  • Lesson Four: Vocabulary – Algebra before Arithmetic!
  • Lesson Five: Important Words and Phrases
  • Lesson Six: Developing Memory Recall
  • Lesson Seven: Mental Imaging Games
  • Lesson Eight: Cardinal Number
  • Lesson Nine: Staircases
  • Lesson Ten: Mental Agility
  • Lesson Eleven: Cinderella’s Staircase
  • Lesson Twelve: Staircases and Multiplication
  • Lesson Thirteen: Math and Language Development
  • Lesson Fourteen: Introducing Signs +
  • Lesson Fifteen: Introduction Signs < >
  • Lesson Sixteen: Introducing Signs =
  • Lesson Seventeen: Introducing Signs Brackets (Parenthesis)
  • Lesson Eighteen: Introducing Signs Subtraction –
  • Lesson Nineteen: Introducing Signs Multiplication x
  • Lesson Twenty: Introducing Signs Division ÷
  • Lesson Twenty-One: Fractions as Operators
  • Lesson Twenty-Two: The Importance of Reviewing
  • Lesson Twenty-Three: The Importance of Questions
  • Lesson Twenty-Four: Families of Equivalent Addition
  • Lesson Twenty-Five: Families of Equivalent Factors and Products
  • Lesson Twenty-Six: Families of Equivalent Subtraction
  • Lesson Twenty-Seven: Families of Equivalent Fractions
  • Lesson Twenty-Eight: End of Stage One Review
  • Lesson Twenty-Nine: Moving On
  • Lesson Thirty: Beyond the Rods
  • Lesson Thirty-One: Studying Families
  • Lesson Thirty-Two: Families of Partitions (Length)
  • Lesson Thirty-Three: Tables of Partitions Without the Rods
  • Lesson Thirty-Four: There is no lesson 34
  • Lesson Thirty-Five: The Commutative Property of Addition
  • Lesson Thirty-Six: Studying Families
  • Lesson Thirty-Seven: The “Grain of Rice” Principle
  • Lesson Thirty-Eight: Free Expression
  • Lesson Thirty-Nine: Families of Equivalent Difference – A Closer Look
  • Lesson Forty: Families of Equivalent Difference – Extending the Challenge
  • Lesson Forty-One: Families of Factors and Divisors
  • Lesson Forty-Two: Factor Families – The Commutative Property of Multiplication
  • Lesson Forty-Three: Factor Families – Consolidation, Families of Factors and Divisors
  • Lesson Forty-Four: Factor Families
  • Lesson Forty-Five: Numbers have Names – Fractions as Operators
  • Lesson Forty-Six: Families of Equivalent Fractions/Quotients

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