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Over the next several months I will be posting month-long modules for Pre-Algebra.  These are designed to be four weeks of instruction and worksheets on a given topic.  Each month the topics will build on previous topics in a logical fashion, so that over the course of the next year you can progress through a Pre-Algebra curriculum.  The modules will also be designed so that you can pick and choose modules  for review or extra emphasis on particular topics.  The modules will include topics such as Basics Review, Decimals, Fractions, Percents, Integers, Exponents, and Equations.

Each module will use the following format:

Week 1—Just the Facts

Week 2—Now What?

Week 3—Let’s Apply

Week 4—What Did You Learn?

Week 1 will be designed to teach the facts about the new topic, Week 2 will help you expand on these facts and associate them with previously learned facts to gain an integrated approach to Algebra, Week 3 will help you learn to apply these new facts to real-world situations, and Week 4 will review to ensure you’ve gained a good understanding of the topic, so that you can move on to the next.

Each lesson within the module will include a small section of instruction and a number of problems to work to practice this new skill.  Occasionally I will include a “Fun with Math” lesson that won’t necessarily be linked with the current topic, but will just be a fun math fact.

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Charlene Johnson photoAfter twelve years of working for the government as a physicist, God blessed Charlene Johnson with three children and the opportunity to stay home with them. Charlene has homeschooled for ten years and will continue as long as the Lord allows. When she’s not busy with her own homeschool, she also teaches math and science classes at a local Christian homeschool co-op and tutors middle school, high school, and college students. Several years ago she also started her own event planning and catering company, Elegant Experiences.

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If all 10 modules are completed as presented here at, this course will be equivalent to one year (two semesters) of a typical Pre-Algebra course.

- Charlene Johnson

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