Building a Foundation with Kindergarten Math -

Building a Foundation with Kindergarten Math

Length: 36 weeks
Includes: Printable lessons and numerous activities
Age/Grade: Kindergarten
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How to Use This Course

Introduce your little learners to the concepts and basics of the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather, number recognition, counting, skip counting, shapes, money, place value, and more with lots of hands-on activities and printable worksheets.

Course Introduction

Help your kids build a strong foundation in math with the engaging activities and worksheets found in Building a Foundation with Kindergarten Math. From recognizing numbers and counting on a number line to three-dimensional shapes and word problems, students will get a fun introduction to key concepts and skills they will use in their math courses for many years.

  • Lesson One: Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Seasons, and Weather
  • Lesson Two: Counting 1-10, Number Recognition and Writing, and Number Order 1-10
  • Lesson Three: Counting 1-20, Number Recognition and Writing, and Number Order 1-20
  • Lesson Four: Zero, Introduction of Word Numbers, Counting on a Number Line, and Fill in the Blank Numbers 1-20
  • Lesson Five: Review
  • Lesson Six: Counting 1-50, Number Recognition, and Number Order 1-50
  • Lesson Seven: Counting 1-100, Number Recognition, and Number Order 1-100
  • Lesson Eight: Skip Counting by 10 to 100, and Counting 1-100
  • Lesson Nine: Counting by 10s to 100, 2D Shapes, Forward from Any Number 1-50, and Patterns
  • Lesson Ten: Review
  • Lesson Eleven: Forward and Backward from Any Number and Tally Marks
  • Lesson Twelve: Compose and Decompose Numbers with Objects, Classify Objects by Attributes, and Sorting
  • Lesson Thirteen: 3D Shapes and Spatial Relationships
  • Lesson Fourteen: Place Value Units and Tens
  • Lesson Fifteen: Review
  • Lesson Sixteen: Addition Concepts
  • Lesson Seventeen: Subtraction Concepts
  • Lesson Eighteen: Addition and Subtraction Concepts Mixed
  • Lesson Nineteen: Sequence of Events, Ordinal Numbers, and Counting by 5’s to 50
  • Lesson Twenty: Review
  • Lesson Twenty-One: Daytime vs. Nighttime, Measurement, and Estimating
  • Lesson Twenty-Two: Daytime vs. Nighttime and Time (Digital and Analog)
  • Lesson Twenty-Three: Money (Penny), Counting Pennies, and Addition with Pennies
  • Lesson Twenty-Four: Money (Nickel) and Counting by 5’s Using Nickels
  • Lesson Twenty-Five: Review
  • Lesson Twenty-Six: Money (Dime) and Counting by 10s Using Dimes
  • Lesson Twenty-Seven: Money (Quarter)
  • Lesson Twenty-Eight: Money (Dollar)
  • Lesson Twenty-Nine: Equal and Unequal
  • Lesson Thirty: Review
  • Lesson Thirty-One: Parts of a Whole
  • Lesson Thirty-Two: Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
  • Lesson Thirty-Three: More Word Problems
  • Lesson Thirty-Four: Compare by Length, Width, or Capacity
  • Lesson Thirty-Five: Review
  • Lesson Thirty-Six: Review Games

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