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Parents can find a wealth of helpful information from special needs education consultant Judi Munday.

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Special Needs Educational Consultant, Judi Munday, has put together a 19-part program to help those with children with special needs, be it language delays or deficits, dyslexia, or difficulty with math. She provides practical solutions and helpful tips for choosing curriculum and modifying and adapting instruction. An explanation of the skills of learning—acquiring, organizing, storing, and retrieving information—and where possible breakdowns may occur along the path is helpful for those who are seeking to understand the best course of action to facilitate their child’s success. A discussion of assistive technologies for struggling readers and writers and those students who struggle with math may encourage parents and reduce the anxiety and stress a student with difficulties often feels. Parents of children with dyslexia will appreciate the lengthy discussion and advice Judi gives.


19 helpful articles



Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: When Your Child Continues to Struggle
  • Lesson 2: The Student Education Plan as a Guide
  • Lesson 3: Writing Short-Term Goals for Your Student’s Education Plan
  • Lesson 4: Choosing Curriculum Materials
  • Lesson 5: Modifying and Adapting Instruction, Part One
  • Lesson 6: Modifying and Adapting Instruction, Part Two
  • Lesson 7: Modifications for Your Special Needs Learner
  • Lesson 8: Language-Based Learning Disabilities
  • Lesson 9: Children with Language-Based Learning Disabilities: Acquiring Information
  • Lesson 10: Children with Language-Based Learning Disabilities: Organizing Information
  • Lesson 11: Children with Language-Based Learning Disabilities: Retrieving Information, Part One
  • Lesson 12: Children with Language-Based Learning Disabilities: Retrieving Information, Part Two
  • Lesson 13: Assistive Technology: Struggling Readers
  • Lesson 14: Assistive Technology: Struggling with Math
  • Lesson 15: Assistive Technology: Struggling Writers, Part One
  • Lesson 16: Assistive Technology: Struggling Writers, Part Two
  • Lesson 17: Teaching Reading to Students with Dyslexia, Part One
  • Lesson 18: Teaching Reading to Students with Dyslexia, Part Two
  • Lesson 19: Teaching Reading to Students with Dyslexia, Part Three

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Teaching a Child with Special NeedsIf you’re educating a child with special needs, you may also enjoy Judi’s book Teaching a Child with Special Needs at Home and at School. Judi has packed this 296-page book full of easy-to-use instructional strategies and advice about “what works” – for both parents who homeschool and for teachers who work with students with special needs. You can learn more about the book at www.teachingachildwithspecialneeds.com/.






Judi Munday has a heart to equip, educate, and encourage parents of children with special needs. She earned her M.Ed. degree at the University of Illinois in 1968 in special education for culturally disadvantaged preschool children under Dr. Carl Bereiter and Dr. Siegfried Engelmann. In 1985, she earned a second Masters degree at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, where she focused her study on specific learning disabilities. After 15 years of teaching in Christian schools and in the “mission field” of public education, she retired from Chesapeake Public Schools. She then started her own business, HIS Place for Help in School, to support parents of homeschooled children with special needs. 

Judi provides diagnostic testing for learning disabilities and consultation for parents (in person or by telephone). With her husband as webmaster, she also maintains an informational website, http://www.hishelpinschool.com/ where parents can find practical, evidence-based teaching strategies. Since June 2012, she has contributed monthly articles on a wide range of special needs topics for the online homeschool magazine, www.TOSMagazine.com. 

Judi has presented numerous local and statewide workshops at homeschool support groups and statewide conferences in Louisiana, Hawaii, and Virginia. In 2010, she presented at the National Learning Disabilities of America conference. Judi currently holds a Post-Graduate Professional Teaching License in Virginia. In 2003, she compiled and wrote the “Special Needs Education” section for the Home Educators of Virginia Homeschool Manual (now in its 3rd edition). She has self-published two books: Teaching Your Special Needs Child: Teaching Strategies and Tools that Really Work, now under contract to be published in 2014 by Westbow Press (a subsidiary of Thomas Nelson Publishers), and Writing a Student Education Plan, both of which are available through her website. 

Judi has been married to John for 49 years, and they are blessed to be grandparents of ten homeschooled grandchildren, ages 6—16. special-needs