Why SchoolhouseTeachers.com Has the
Best Online Homeschool Writing Curriculum

homeschool writing curriculumMany educators agree that the most important skill students need before graduating from high school is to learn how to write. And while this may seem intimidating to some homeschoolers, with the right curriculum you can teach your children not just basic writing skills, but also show them how to write proficiently. It’s easy to see why SchoolhouseTeachers.com has the best online homeschool writing curriculum.

Members have access to dozens of writing classes for students from preschool to high school, and one membership includes everyone in your family. So you can start your preschooler and kindergartner on the basics with Beginning Handwriting.

Once they move up to elementary school, they can hone their skills in Everyday Copywork and Expanding Your Writing Skills, a class that shows fourth and fifth graders how to write comparison/contrast essays, introduces dialogue and descriptions in writing, and teaches students how to write book reviews, bibliographies, features, and persuasive essays.

Other elementary school courses that prove SchoolhouseTeachers.com has the best online homeschool writing curriculum include Creative Storytelling, Exploring Poetry with Notebooking, and Creative Composition. This course geared toward fourth to sixth graders helps students develop early literary analysis skills and write compositions about what they’ve read.

As they move into the middle school years, students can go a little deeper with courses like Sparking the Noggin: Creative Writing with Pictures, and Crafting Fiction, a class which teaches students important elements in creating fiction like the development of characters, conflict, setting, dialogue, and plot, while also helping them to learn how to edit for grammar and punctuation.

Other courses that strengthen middle school students’ writing skills include Discovering Poetic Elements and Creating Dynamic Characters. If your child is a reluctant writer, Creative Writing provides tips that can help ignite interest in writing.

Once that interest is sparked, students will really enjoy Exploring Creative Writing, Fundamental Elements of Literature and Composition, and Paint with Your Words, which teaches active writing techniques and the use of figurative language in poetry and prose.

By this point, you can probably see why SchoolhouseTeachers.com has the best online homeschool writing curriculum for elementary and middle school. But one of the best things about it is it also offers a myriad of high school classes that will prepare students for college and the workplace. Some of those courses include Daily Writing, Writing, Essay Writing 101, Writing on This Day in History, and Benjamin Franklin Writing Method, which demonstrates the method Benjamin Franklin used to teach himself to write—analyzing literature he admired, imitating it to practice what he learned, and then applying it to his own writing.

Other classes aimed at high school students are Classics-Based Writing, Words and What to Do with Them, Writing: Advertising Copy, Writing: College Admission Essay, and Writing: Compare and Contrast, a course that combines written instruction, humor, and engaging assignments to show students how using comparison and contrast can improve their writing.

So if you want a program that teaches all children—from toddlers to teenagers—how to be excellent writers, check out SchoolhouseTeachers.com. It not only has value and variety, but it helps your job as a teacher to be much easier—truly making it the best resource for online writing curriculum.