Beginning Handwriting - Schoolhouse Teachers

Beginning Handwriting

Length: 27 weekly lessons
Includes: Printable weekly units
Age/Grade: Preschool-Kindergarten

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How to Use This Course

Each week of Beginning Handwriting includes three printable lessons in one download that explores foundational skills important for young learners. The class covers topics such as pencil grip, prewriting skills, letter formation, and tips and tricks for remembering which letter is which! Numerous additional resources and printables are included.

Course Introduction

Welcome to Beginning Handwriting! My name is Annette Breedlove, and I’m excited to share this class with you. I’m a born and bred Okie living with my husband and four children in central-southern Indiana. My husband serves as a pastor, and we homeschool our blessings. I love every single Hallmark movie, hate bananas, and get stressed out by crafts of any kind.

This class will start by showing you ways you can help your kindergartener learn pencil grip and other important prewriting skills. Then we’ll move into letter formation and tips and tricks for remembering which letter is which! I’ll include lots of fun downloads for you and your family to enjoy, so let’s get started!

  • Lesson One: Getting Ready to Write
  • Lesson Two: Letter A
  • Lesson Three: Letter B
  • Lesson Four: Letter C
  • Lesson Five: Letter D
  • Lesson Six: Letter E
  • Lesson Seven: Letter F
  • Lesson Eight: Letter G
  • Lesson Nine: Letter H
  • Lesson Ten: Letter I
  • Lesson Eleven: Letter J
  • Lesson Twelve: Letter K
  • Lesson Thirteen: Letter L
  • Lesson Fourteen: Letter M
  • Lesson Fifteen: Letter N
  • Lesson Sixteen: Letter O
  • Lesson Seventeen: Letter P
  • Lesson Eighteen: Letter Q
  • Lesson Nineteen: Letter R
  • Lesson Twenty: Letter S
  • Lesson Twenty-One: Letter T
  • Lesson Twenty-Two: Letter U
  • Lesson Twenty-Three: Letter V
  • Lesson Twenty-Four: Letter W
  • Lesson Twenty-Five: Letter X
  • Lesson Twenty-Six: Letter Y
  • Lesson Twenty-Seven: Letter Z

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