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How to Use This Course

These forty-eight posts by homeschooling mom Michelle Pohl are designed to encourage you on your journey as a wife, a mom, and a homeschooler and help you keep your eyes and heart set on God. Get ready for some Joy in the Morning.

Course Introduction


Joy in the Morning is found by intentionally choosing joy, memorizing Biblical promises, encouragement, and practical de-stressing tips.

I am delighted to share in this journey together to find Joy in the Morning!

Joy In The Morning Dailies:

Day 1: Devotional and Scripture to refocus for the week.
Day 2: Relatable story. We all have chaotic moments! I’ll share mine, so you won’t feel alone.
Day 3: A practical tip to de-stress or change perspective.
Day 4: Encouragement to finish the week strong.

I would love to hear from you along the way; let me know how God is using this tool in your life.

Before we go, I want to tell you a little about myself. I am a storyteller who encourages others to begin Blooming with Joy . . . through every chaotic moment, disappointment, and mess. My readers keep me motivated to be real with life and laugh at my mistakes. I live in Missouri with my husband and homeschool my three daughters. Your turn . . . tell me about you?

Relax Momma, the Joy of the Lord is your strength!

  • Day One: Suddenly Homeschooling
  • Day Two: Streams of Abundance Flow
  • Day Three: Joy in the Morning
  • Day Four: You Were Chosen
  • Day Five: Safety Net of Grace
  • Day Six: Internally Exploding on an Airplane
  • Day Seven: Overzealous Multitasking
  • Day Eight: A Hit In the Gut (Inadequacy)
  • Day Nine: I’m Snow Thankful
  • Day Ten:  Surprised Flower Girl
  • Day Eleven: Calm Down and Walk On
  • Day Twelve: Mouth—Good, Bad, and Ugly
  • Day Thirteen: Be the Oak
  • Day Fourteen: Unexpected Visitor on a Messy Day
  • Day Fifteen: Quietly Inhale
  • Day Sixteen: Do You Know Your Name?
  • Day Seventeen: Home Is Ministry
  • Day Eighteen: We Are Leaving, Find Your Shoes
  • Day Nineteen: Relief—Mom First
  • Day Twenty: Four Dollar Fight
  • Day Twenty-One: Can You Truly Love?
  • Day Twenty-Two: Laugh or Snap
  • Day Twenty-Three: Good Mom/Bad Mom Battle
  • Day Twenty-Four: Mother’s Guilt
  • Day Twenty-Five: Blow It Again?
  • Day Twenty-Six: Car Insurance? Never Again.
  • Day Twenty-Seven: Have a Cup of Tea
  • Day Twenty-Eight: Beauty Is In the Eye of …
  • Day Twenty-Nine: Exhausted Checking Off Boxes
  • Day Thirty: Meh Moments
  • Day Thirty-One: Perfectly Peaceful Organized Homeschool
  • Day Thirty-Two: A Rough Week
  • Day Thirty-Three: One Thing Remains
  • Day Thirty-Four: Sweet Child of Mine
  • Day Thirty-Five: Blessings to Laughter
  • Day Thirty-Six: Why God Why?
  • Day Thirty-Seven: Receive Your Necklace
  • Day Thirty-Eight: Just a Pair of Hands
  • Day Thirty-Nine: Are you You?—Compromise, Part One
  • Day Forty: Are you You?—Compromise, Part Two
  • Day Forty-One: Cookie-Cutter Mom
  • Day Forty-Two: I Am a Mess
  • Day Forty-Three: No Doubt Board DIY Craft
  • Day Forty-Four: We Are Homeschool Moms—Many Methods, One Goal
  • Day Forty-Five: You Have Purpose—Be a Light
  • Day Forty-Six: My Mistake—Judgment
  • Day Forty-Seven: Dishes Honor God
  • Day Forty-Eight: Don’t Wonder—Be in Wonder

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