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March 2012 Schoolhouse EXPO – Exploring the Earth and the Sky

May 2012 Schoolhouse EXPO – Strengthening the Homeschool Marriage and Family

June 2012 Schoolhouse EXPO – Art and Art History

July 2012 Schoolhouse EXPO – Using Apps in Your Homeschool

August 2012 Schoolhouse EXPO – Get Advice and Encouragement for Your Homeschool

September 2012 Schoolhouse EXPO – Home Economics and Bulk Food Preparation

October 2012 Schoolhouse EXPO – Homeschooling Your Extra Special Blessing

November 2012 Schoolhouse Expo- You Can Teach Music in Your Homeschool!

December 2012 Schoolhouse Expo- TOS Staff Christmas Party! Silent Night A CHRISTmas Party About Hymns

January 2013 Schoolhouse EXPO – Heartfelt Homeschooling—Living and Learning Together on God’s Path of Life

February 2013 Schoolhouse EXPO – Being Married to a Homeschool Mom

March 2013 Schoolhouse EXPO – The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide™ to Daytime

April 2013 Schoolhouse EXPO – Preschoolers, Preparation, and Peace

May 2013 Schoolhouse EXPO – Homeschooling the High Schooler–You Can Do It!

August 2013 Schoolhouse EXPO – A Week of Encouragement with TOS and Homeschool Speakers from around the United States.

Schoolhouse EXPO – First Annual Reading Clinic

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Recharge your heart for homeschooling with video recordings from three fabulous TOS Schoolhouse Expos.

First Annual Schoolhouse Expo

Celebrate Homeschool! Expo

Homeschooling with Heart! Expo

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