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The Old Schoolhouse ®

You will be all the “homeschool rave” as you hang out with friends and family at your next convention or support group meeting with the fashionable, sturdy Homeschooling with Heart TOS tote bag! Colors will vary.

Enrichment Studies

Take this 20 week chronological journey through the ages to experience the contributions of 100 women composers from the Byzantine era, through the Renaissance, Classical, Romantic, and Modern eras, all the way up to contemporary women composers that are still alive and creating music today!

Character Concepts

Throughout America’s history, young people have been entertained and challenged by the stories of heroes from the past. Kids love the stories of great men and women from history and they want to be like them. Now Profiles of Valor brings to life 40 fascinating characters from America’s War of Independence.

Learn and Color Books

Learn & Color Books is offering a printable PDF of Color Thru History™ – The People of Early Civilization educational coloring books for Middle/High School and our Elementary Supplement. From Creation to Esther, they can be used as a stand-alone history curriculum or as an addition to what you are already doing.



We are delighted to send you the Structure and Style Overview video. With highlights from the 14-hour Teaching Writing: Structure and Style course, this 2-hour video will introduce you to IEW’s effective and enjoyable writing methodology.

Travels with Music

Travels with Music is an award-winning, cross-cultural resource used for teaching K-12 social studies, literacy, history, geography, ESL, language arts, and other core subjects! TWM offers over 200 proprietary video clips (1-3 minutes in length) organized into 30 units featuring interviews (and spontaneous live performances) with master musicians of 15 world cultures. Come closer to the world!

Writing with Sharon Watson

This 33-page eBook provides you with lessons for seven weeks, incrementally teaching students how to take notes from auditory sources. Students also learn to recognize important concepts and draw conclusions from oral and written sources. Includes all the paragraphs, essays, and colorful note-taking pages you need. Bonus lessons included.

Apprentice Art Studio

This class was inspired by  Van Gogh’s painting, The Sea at Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, 1888.  In this lesson, students begin the process of preparing a substrate for a mixed media collage. This class is for all ages, a great family project.  The Sea is calling…

Spanish Education Solutions

Parents! You can educate a bilingual family, even when you do not speak Spanish. TWO MONTHS ACCESS Online Spanish  Elementary Program for the entire family

COMPLETE curriculum done for you, so your family can focus on learning and speaking. Created and taught by a certified Spanish teacher.


The HSLDA Store offers a variety of products, including teacher and student IDs, our online Transcript Service, and graduation supplies.

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Step Up Your Performance

Finally! One grammar and one writing course that teaches 7th-12th graders all the grammar/writing needed!  How? Step Up Your Performance provides learning based on SKILL MASTERY—not grade levels.  Once skills are mastered, regardless of grade level, credits are earned. Courses are subscription-based, individualized, self-paced, and college preparatory.

Etiquette Lessons Foundation

Etiquette Lessons Foundation gift for May 2020 Old School House Homeschool Bouquet: a free E.L.F. STUDENT WORKBOOK, containing 8 lessons in table manners and good social behavior! Each lesson includes an activity and a quiz and can be shared with the whole family. It’s like Civility 101!


Nallenart makes it easy to include French as a Second Language in your homeschool! L’Art de LIRE combines beginning conversational French with an introduction to French phonics, enabling children to read simple stories in French from the first lesson. Each level includes student workpages, teacher key, flashcards and mp3 audio.


Brinkman Adventures

Brinkman Adventures is offering you three free audio drama downloads. ($12.99 value 75 minutes) Search for dinosaur bones in Montana and hidden Christians in China. Then hear Dmitri’s incredible story from a prison deep within Soviet Russia. These three exciting episodes will entertain while encouraging the faith of every listener.

Homeschool Court

Homeschool Court provides Christian mock trial curriculum for homeschoolers. From the basics of the judicial system and types of law to students participating in a mock trial, this curriculum engages students in a fun, active experience and is great on its own or as an addition to any government/civics class!

Chess House

Knowing how to Checkmate develops unique abilities, confidence, and the gift of interacting with all ages – not only peers. The Pocket Chess Set by Chess House is the easiest way to start exploring the game, complete with starter guide.

GraceWorks Interactive

The Interactive Bible: 1 Timothy is a fun, 3-D Windows game featuring 11 lessons from the Bible book each challenging the player (aged 10 and up) with facts, questions, and dialogs.  Complete the lesson to win a crown.  A great Bible-based product for your family, church or home school.

Learn to Play Music Publishers, INC

Free Music Lessons for Your Entire Family for a Whole Month! View our entire collection of more than 1,500 step-by-step videos to learn up to 15 instruments, including piano, guitar, violin/fiddle, ukulele, mandolin, dulcimer, recorder, harmonica, banjo, drums, & rhythm instruments! If you choose to continue, it’s only $19.95 monthly for your entire family. No long-term commitment.

Everyday Education

With a focus on teaching classic literature and evaluating writing, this package from Janice Campbell at Everyday Education will help you approach high school English with confidence. You’ll get: Working it Out one-year poetry study ebook; Evaluate Writing the Easy Way ebook; and an audio workshop on teaching classic literature to teens.