American Literature

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Length: 18 Weeks
Includes: Self-paced Units
Age/Grade: High School

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It’s come to our attention that this American literature class will not be completed on schedule. We have secured two new American literature classes in response. Students taking American literature are welcome to wait for the lessons to be completed or to switch to either Elements of Literature (designed for 7th-9th grade) or American Literature in Historical Context (designed for 9th-11th grade). All 36 weeks of both of these classes have been submitted by the teacher and will be made available over the next several weeks. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please contact Customer Service with any questions.  

How to Use This Course

American Literature is more than simply reading classic pieces. It is also a study of the men and women who shaped the times those pieces were written in. This course draws on numerous historical sources to provide a rich and engaging look at the people, places, and literary works of the 1600s-1800s.

Course Introduction

This interactive course offers two ways to complete it—through an interactive online platform built into Schoolhouse Teachers or through a downloadable PDF. It begins with the colonial period and moves through the American Revolution, the era of national expansion, and the Concord writers. Numerous reading assignments are given; texts are generally readily available freely online or through a local library. Written assignments are also included.

Unit 1: Colonial Period
Unit 2: Revolutionary Period
Unit 3: Era of National Expansion
Unit 4: The Concord Writers

*A suggested book list will be made available as soon as possible. To complete Unit One, students will need to read the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

Students who complete all required reading and writing assignments and spend approximately 90 hours completing this class may earn 0.5 academic credit.

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