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  • PLANBrowse the courses, make your selections, and create a schedule for each of your children using our Schedule Builder. (Refer to our Scope and Sequence if you have questions about courses your child needs).
  • PREPARE – Download and print the lesson plans for each class. (Lesson plans are optional, and you may choose to use ours, make your own, or use none at all. You have the freedom to use our courses however you please).
  • LEARN – Download the class PDF files found on the class lesson pages and start learning!
  • PROGRESS – Evaluate and mark your student’s progress on the check list provided in each lesson plan.
  • DOCUMENT – Record attendance, test scores, and final course grade in Applecore. (Watch our tutorial on how to set up your student’s profile in Applecore.)
  • CELEBRATE – Print out a Certificate of Completion and celebrate another job well done!