Laura and Jason Mun

Lesson Designers

Laura and Jason Mun (Moon) live in South Korea. They homeschool their two daughters, Lillian and Julia. They each have many years of teaching experience and enjoyed working together to create the Korean course. Jason has a BA in English and taught English as a Second Language for seven years. He is also a social worker and loves to serve others. Laura has a BA in Music but spent over 20 years teaching English as a Second Language. She has lived in Korea since 2001 and loves the language, people, food, and beautiful scenery. Laura translated two books written by a Korean missionary, the first of which is published under the title, Surrender: The Happiest Decision of My Life. She also loves writing and teaching women’s Bible studies.

Course taught by Laura and Jason:

Basic Conversational Korean

Basic Conversational Korean: Are you intrigued by Korean culture, landmarks, and celebrations? Would you like to be able to read the menu at a Korean restaurant? Basic Conversational Korean guides students through learning the Korean alphabet, as well as phonics, handwriting, vocabulary, grammar, conversational skill, and historical cultural facts.