Bob Hazen

Lesson Designer

Bob Hazen does a lot of things with mathematics! He is a…

  • homeschooling father of two boys (both now out of college) both of whom are really good at math and common sense
  • popular speaker for homeschool groups on “Math Games to Supplement Any Math Curriculum”
  • veteran of 27 years of teaching secondary math
  • holder of several college adjunct faculty positions
  • former elementary math columnist for a national homeschool magazine
  • invited speaker at national and state math education conferences
  • specialized trainer for K-6 teachers on how to better prepare elementary math students for the algebra they will encounter in a typical Algebra 1 course
  • founder of two math endeavors (SAI and AFB) that teach substantive algebra to kids as young as 3rd grade

In 1995, Bob founded SAI: the Summer Algebra Institute for Kids ( SAI is a week-long, half-day math enrichment program for students in grades 3-7 that looks ahead to typical Algebra 1 topics but also connects back to the arithmetic kids already know. Well over 3,000 students have attended SAI over the years.

AFB: Algebra For Breakfast ( is an online anytime video version of SAI. AFB makes algebra more easily accessible to kids across the country and around the world. It offers brief video lessons, hands-on activities, and the teaching of broad principles that show the unity of math across grades and across topics.
Bob and his wife Sarah recently moved to west Michigan to be near their three young grandchildren (and their parents!). Bob continues to teach and write math curriculum. He can be contacted at 651-645-4432 or

Course taught by Bob

Algebra for Kids: What would you say if we told you that kids as young as early elementary can learn the principles of algebra that will make high school math much simpler? Through his unique, fun, and practical worksheets, Bob Hazen introduces elementary and early middle school students to the concepts they’ll need to gain a solid understanding of pre-algebra and algebra later in their education. Thirteen supplemental math worksheets enable students to practice skills such as skip counting and multiples. (Please note: these are supplemental worksheets only, not a full algebra class.)