Erin Dean

Lesson Designer

Erin (Eddie) Dean has been homeschooling her bright, high-energy, and loquacious children for almost nine years. The children are 5, 12, and 20 (graduate) and can almost always be found side by side, often with foam swords, video camera, or both. She’s a lifelong hiker and roamer and married to Simon, a very supportive computer programmer/business analyst, kayak enthusiast, and husband who shares her love of all things outdoors—and is blind to messes. Erin’s background includes accounting, developing children’s programs for a large community center, and more years of wrangling other people’s children than she likes to admit.

When she’s not here, she can be found at her blog The Usual Mayhem. There, she shows the good, the bad, and the chaos of one homeschooling family, and shares her love of nature with anyone who’s foolhardy enough to step through the door.

Course taught by Erin

Nature/Outdoors is a class that helps students appreciate the wonders of nature by keeping any type of nature journal that works for the individual student. Classes are presented for two different climates, generally in groups of four weeks for each pair of topics. Included are science experiments, art, crafts, journaling, photography, and more to encourage learning and a love of nature.