Jason Hood


Dr. Jason Hood lives in Missouri. He has written or contributed to curricula at all levels from primary through post-secondary. Currently, he is the marketing manager and director of customer operations for My Father’s World, the president of a Bible college, and a pastor. His interests include music, missions, theology, fishing, and family.

From 2008 to 2015, Dr. Hood served as a missionary to Mexico and Belize and then, from 2015 to 2017, as a bilingual evangelist traveling the United States. He also participated in missionary and humanitarian endeavors in Guatemala, Honduras, and Venezuela.

Here are more facts about Dr. Jason Hood:

  • Has an MA in Christian Education
  • Has a ThD in Theology
  • Graduated from King’s Way Language and Missions Training Center in Spanish and Missiology
  • Served as the COO of a Bible college for two years
  • Has published works, such as “Teaching Like Jesus Taught,” “On the Mountain with Jesus,” and courses in theology, church history, and hermeneutics


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Courses by Jason:

Advanced Spanish Fluency: This advanced Spanish course is for high school students who already have a thorough knowledge of basic Spanish vocabulary and are looking for a challenge that will improve their fluency. It is designed to help the student learn to “think” in Spanish as they transition from learning vocabulary to speaking fluent Spanish.