John Hofland

Lesson Designer

John Hofland began his career teaching junior high art, science, and language arts. Later, as a university professor, he has offered workshops for teachers in the US and abroad. His award-winning designs for theater and film have appeared throughout the US, Canada, and Eastern Europe. Presently, Mr. Hofland writes an art curriculum that makes it easy for anyone to teach sophisticated art lessons to children and to link art lessons with literature, art, and science. John and his wife, Joyce, are former homeschoolers.

Courses Taught by John:

Achieving Art Success with ArtAchieve: These art lessons teach your students how to create works of art, but they don’t stop there. They incorporate history, geography, social studies, literature, and even math and science in as many was as possible to interest the non-art student in art and interest the art student in other important subjects. There are short videos, printable guides, cross-curricular ideas, and more!