Leigh Morrison

Lesson Designer

Leigh is passionate about helping students succeed. As a little girl, she played “teacher” with her stuffed animals as students. By grade school, her teachers were asking her to tutor classmates during recess. She studied special education, which led to earning a master’s degree in speech-language pathology and over 25 years of teaching children in a variety of settings. Leigh believes in a multisensory approach to instruction combined with many opportunities to practice new skills within meaningful contexts.

Along with her husband, Chris, a firefighter/paramedic and EMS educator, Leigh has homeschooled their children since 2002. With her own homeschooling journey nearing an end, she is thrilled for the opportunity to share her ideas and equip other parents to educate their children at home through SchoolhouseTeachers.com.


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Courses by Leigh:

Daily Grammar 1st Grade: Daily worksheets help your student cover a wide range of grammar skills, from basic skills such as parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, sentence construction, synonyms, and antonyms, to more advanced skills such as diagramming sentences and understanding clauses. Answer keys are provided.