Meredith Duke

Lesson Designer

Meredith Duke lives in Texas with her husband. She homeschooled her children for fourteen years and currently works as an Associate Broker/REALTOR® with Duke Realty. She enjoys gardening, homesteading, reading, traveling, and adventures . . . lots of adventures!

Here are more facts about Meredith:

  • Was a Website and Graphic Designer for six years with Sweet Bee Pixels
  • Worked as a Marketing Director for an international insurance company for thirteen years
  • Has a BA in Communication from Concordia University
  • Published Shining Through the Grief: Memoirs of Emma’s Mom and Bubba’s Beez Honey from the Hive Cookbook

Course taught by Meredith

Introduction to Graphic Design is an excellent guide to the basics of graphic design for your middle school and high school students. It will teach students how to recognize quality graphic designs in the products they see and interact with every day, what makes certain designs stand out, how to design an eye-catching ad that communicates a specific message to a target audience, and what types of jobs are available for graphic designers today.