Miranda McCulley

Lesson Designer

Miranda is a blood-bought, redeemed, Spirit-filled daughter of the one true King, living her life to bring honor and glory to His precious name! Everything about her life reflects who He is and what He did for her; she is all Jesus all the time. She teaches using God’s infallible Word as the basis she builds upon with her own son, the children she is blessed to work with personally, and when she puts together classes for SchoolhouseTeachers.com.

Courses Co-Authored by Miranda:

Exploring Literature: Learning to read isn’t enough; we must also learn to ask questions and think critically about what we are reading. In this course, students will read and examine short stories, novels, poems, histories, adventures, dramas, legends, and even comedy by authors including Leo Tolstoy, O. Henry, Longfellow, and a great many others. By the end of this course, students will be able to recognize and understand the roles of characters, conflict, setting, and point of view in a wide variety of literature and how they work together to make a great read. All reading selections are available free online.

**Please note: This course will be returning in 2024.

Shakespeare, Dickens, and the Bible: Help your high school students strengthen their Biblical worldview as they study the works of Shakespeare and Dickens and learn to view them, and life, from a Biblical point of view.