Regan Barr

Lesson Designer

Regan Barr is an archaeologist, educator, published author, and homeschool parent. Besides excavations in Jordan and Greece, his three years on the excavation team at ancient Troy give him unique experience in the Classical world. Regan’s graduate studies include New Testament, Classical Archaeology, Classical Greek, and Ancient History. Regan and his wife Amy cofounded The Lukeion Project, which brings expertly taught Classical studies to learners on six continents via live, online webinars.

Regan teaches Ancient Greek, Greek History, Word Roots, Grammar, Research Writing, and a variety of workshops dealing with archaeological and ancient world topics. Regan co-leads Lukeion Family Expeditions to the Mediterranean each May (Italy, Greece & Turkey).

Course taught by Regan

Classical Archaeology: Join archaeologist Regan Barr as he leads an expedition to the ancient world. Through this exceptional course, complete with online resources and personal photos, students will gain an understanding of archaeology, including its uses and limitations. They will explore the reasons why cities like Rome and Athens have survived while others like Ephesus and Miletus were abandoned centuries ago.