Sarah Gilbert

Lesson Designer

Not sure why she attempts to use a bookshelf, Sarah Gilbert’s flooring is often hidden underneath the multitude of books her preschool- and toddler-aged sons page through each day. Luckily, her infant foster son and baby due this fall have yet to contribute to the rampant literary madness. Sarah loves curling up with her sons to discover memorable stories that thrill and engage, inspiring Godly character in little lives.

Sarah has a heart for orphans and the incarcerated, and her constant prayer is that all would know the redeeming, everlasting love of Jesus Christ.

She joyfully raises her children alongside an abundantly loving and kind husband in the beautifully simple countryside of central Pennsylvania.

Courses Co-Authored by Sarah:

Each Pre-K Activities: Read and Play lesson revolves around a particular story. Many of these favorite children’s books may be on your bookshelves or on the shelves of your local library. Begin the lesson by sitting down in a comfortable place with your child and reading the story to him or her. After reading the story, try some of the fun activities suggested. These can help your child gain a deeper understanding of the story and retain what they have learned. The activities range from painting to baking to playing games and more. Spend some special time with your preschooler reading special stories to them while at the same time helping them discover the world around them.