Sheila Chairvolotti

Lesson Designer

Sheila Chairvolotti has been homeschooling her three children in New England since 2010 (two have graduated and now attend college). She has a background in biology and environmental studies and loves helping others learn to succeed in and enjoy science and math.

Course taught by Sheila:

Botany: Plant Science and Field Studies

Botany: Plant and Field Studies: How did the plant “cell” get its name? What well-known Christmas plant is really a parasite? Our Botany: Plant Science and Field Studies course takes seventh through tenth grade students on a tour through the plant world to learn about roots and shoots, aquatic plants, conservation, plant defenses, and more using engaging text, activities and experiments, quizzes, and even field study of plants.

Exploring God’s World with Third Grade Science: How do heat and pressure change a sedimentary rock? Is a snail’s head part of its foot? Exploring God’s World with Third Grade Science digs into topics such as animals, body systems, rocks and minerals, electricity, and more. Expand your knowledge with this text-based 36-week course full of interesting lessons and fun activities!