Sunshine Dollar

Lesson Designer

Sunshine is a homeschooling and work-at-home mom. God planted the seed in her heart and called her to homeschool before she even had children. She has loved every minute of it (even the rough days)! She has a husband and two beautiful children. She, her husband, and their daughter spend their Sunday mornings teaching children to love church and God at the Christian church near their home. When she’s not teaching or working, she loves to read or just enjoy time with her family. She and her family are also currently trying to adopt children from foster care.

Courses Taught by Sunshine:

Steaming Ahead with Fifth Grade Math: This fifth grade math homeschool course helps students continue to build on their knowledge of math and take the next steps toward a broader and deeper understanding of mathematical skills and concepts.

Through instruction, illustration, repetition, and frequent review, Strengthening Skills with Fourth Grade Math helps students continue building a strong math foundation. helps students continue building a strong math foundation.