Wendy Stoller

Lesson Designer

Wendy Stoller grew up in Colombia, South America, as the child of a missionary and was home educated during several of those years through which she ate many platters of rice and beans. She moved to the US during her teens. She married a country boy who enjoyed meat, potatoes, & donuts and claimed butterscotch was his favorite fruit. Wendy later graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and settled down in Ohio to have 4 red headed, talkative children with an increasing interest in health. Wendy learned to cook meat and potatoes occasionally and her husband learned to enjoy rice & beans. Wendy had long desired to home educate one day & focused some of her college projects on home education in anticipation! The Stollers recently began their eighth year of home educating. Wendy enjoys reading, attending homeschool conventions, researching, and learning about herbal healing.


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Course by Wendy

Nourishing Nuggets is a family health course that looks at the basics of nutrition such as macro- and micronutrients and then moves into studying what we eat and drink for various meals and snacks throughout the day. Many teacher helps and suggestions are given to help the parent lead their family on a mission to make healthier meal plans and choices together.