Wendy Woerner

Lesson Designer

Wendy, married to her high school sweetheart for more than sixteen years, has homeschooled for several years. You will find her blogging about her life at WendyWoerner.com or followinginhisfootsteps.wordpress.com.

When she’s not working, Wendy loves spending time with her family, reading about all forms of homeschooling, and encouraging other moms that they can be successful with homeschooling too!


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Courses Co-Authored by Wendy:

Everyday Easels begins each unit with a brief study of the art itself. Then, it approaches the art from different angles including history, vocabulary, geography, writing, Bible, and science. This course truly gives an overview of the art in many different areas, including hands-on activities to inspire students to become involved in the art and not simply be a spectator.

Pre-K Activities: Read and Play helps you find creative ways to enhance your children’s experience of stories with fun games, activities, and more! We have resources for more than three dozen stories available.