Willemien Kruger

Lesson Designer

Willemien Kruger is an experienced homeschool mother of three precious children and an advisor on home education. Willemien has many years’ experience as a lecturer/curriculum developer at the university level and has done postgraduate research on engineering education models. As a consulting Industrial Engineer, she has been trained to analyze processes and search for ways to improve existing systems. This interesting background gives her the edge to lift levels of excellence in homeschooling. She has also published books on home education including a series of Homeschooling Guides as well as numerous articles and co-authored curriculum for the homeschool market. She is passionate about home education and loves to do research on this topic, adding wholesome, intelligent, and valuable information thereto. Willemien is happily married to Theunis, a business owner. She loves being a home schooling mother and advisor in South Africa. Contact her on www.homeschooling-curriculum-guide.com


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Course by Willemien

Growing in Homeschool Confidence: This course is designed to help parents grow in their confidence and know-how on home education. This is not only for parents who have already made the decision to homeschool, but for parents who are considering homeschooling and those who have just started. Even those who view themselves as longtime homeschoolers can benefit from this course as they seek to improve.