Dr. Peter Price

Lesson Designer

Dr. Peter Price has been an educator in Australia and the UK for over 30 years – first as an elementary teacher and then as a university professor. He has a PhD in mathematics education and for 16 years taught future teachers at an Australian Christian college in Brisbane, Queensland.

Peter has a passion for seeing children turned on to math, and loves helping teachers, including homeschool moms and dads, find better ways to teach mathematics. “Math is perhaps the most useful, beautiful, logical of all disciplines, and my vision is to change the experience of millions of children who currently find math boring or frustrating,” he says. Peter is married to Trish, and they have three grown children, and two granddaughters. Peter is excited to be a part of the Schoolhouse Teachers team, and looks forward to getting to know lots of homeschool families. His business site is www.profpete.com. You can contact Dr Price with any questions about teaching elementary math at peter@professorpetesclassroom.com.

Course taught by Dr. Peter

How to Teach Elementary Math: These videos from Dr. Price help demonstrate to parents various methods and strategies for teaching math to their elementary students. Worksheets for the students are also provided. New videos and worksheets are posted regularly. To identify worksheets by a particular grade level, see “Go to all prior How to Teach Elementary Math lessons” below.