Gina Ferguson Foster

Lesson Designer

Gina Ferguson Foster is a homeschool graduate and homeschooling mom who is passionate about helping the next generation of home-educated students develop visual creativity in all areas of life.

Her groundbreaking homeschool curriculum, The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective, brings art, history, and the Bible to life through engaging content that includes 600+ family-friendly images. Gina’s most recent curriculum, Studio Art: Inspired by Art History, helps students develop a solid artistic foundation in vital areas like lighting and perspective. Students then work through thirty customizable art-history-based projects as they experiment and expand their knowledge, skills, and creativity.

Here are more facts about Gina:

  • Is an award-winning artist and author
  • Resides in rural Virginia with her husband and two children
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Courses by Gina:

Drawing in Pen and Ink: This course is perfect for the budding artist who doesn’t like to paint or sculpt and has an affinity for the classic look of a black and white image. Students will learn how to hold their pen as well as how to use textures. Understanding value scales and lighting, which are necessary elements in a pen and ink drawing, are also discussed. Students will have an opportunity throughout the course to draw a still life, animals, landscapes, and more, while using image references to guide them.