Jessica West

Lesson Designer

Jessica is a stay-at-home mom to five children ages 7 and under. She is blessed with one daughter and four sons. They are a homeschooling family that loves the Lord. Her husband is a youth pastor at their church, and she enjoys teaching children about the Lord and aiding her husband in the youth ministry. She feels music is a very important ministry that enhances the mood of the service, so she is thankful for being able to play the piano and be a part of that ministry.

She enjoys writing and blogging whenever she has free time. She’d love for you to check out her blog here:

She enjoys baking breads and desserts and taking pictures. She knows God is a great God, and she’s busy just enjoying the life that God has blessed her and her family with and being thankful she is His child.

Courses Taught by Jessica:

In Music Throughout History, students study the history of music from the medieval period through modern times. The course begins with a look at music around the world and then moves to a study of how music in America has changed and developed over time. Both famous and lesser-known composers and hymn writers are studied.