Joey Hajda

Lesson Designer

Joey Hajda has had a love of science since he was a boy. His initial career choice was veterinary medicine, but after receiving his veterinary degree, he discovered that he loved teaching as much as he loved science. Consequently, he got a degree in education. His teaching career has now spanned almost 30 years and has included public school, community college, and homeschooled students—including his own ten children. He and his wife, Lisa, in addition to homeschooling their children (and now enjoying eight grandchildren!), wrote Friendly Chemistry: A Guide to Learning Basic Chemistry, Friendly Anatomy: The Bovine Skeletal System, and their newest title: Friendly Biology. They enjoy sharing their enthusiasm for science and generational homeschooling with fellow homeschoolers.

You can learn more about their science curricula at or, Facebook, and follow generationalhomeschooling on Instagram.

Course taught by Joey

Friendly Anatomy: Thorough knowledge of a subject area begins with a solid foundation. Veteran educator and large-animal veterinarian, Dr. Joey Hajda, builds this foundation with you in a gentle, friendly manner. Bone by bone, structure by structure, learn the anatomy of the bovine skeletal system. This is the perfect resource for the aspiring veterinarian or animal health technician.

Friendly Chemistry: Traditionally, chemistry courses are thought to be “hard” and intimidating. We think you’ll find that learning chemistry with this guide to be just the opposite. Our goal in this course is to provide a means of building a solid foundation of knowledge about chemistry. Should your students or children choose to continue their study, you can be confident that they’ll have the “basics” to meet the challenges of an advanced chemistry course.