Karen Whiting

Lesson Designer

Karen Whiting grew up in the restaurant business with her grandparent’s restaurant. She made breads and other baked goods since preschool days. She’s also a mother of 5 and helps with her grandchildren’s homeschooling. She’s a former TV host, author of 25 books including The Gift of Bread: Recipes for the Heart and the Table and Christmas is Coming! Waiting is Hard, international speaker, and writing coach. She’d love to connect with you through her website, www.karenwhiting.com.

Courses Taught by Karen:

Breadmaking Devotional: Each of the twelve lessons included in this course includes instructions, lesson objectives, and Biblical insights. Lessons 1–3 help students learn the basics before baking bread, such as safety, the tools needed, baking terms, and how to follow recipes. Lessons 4–10 focus on baking various types of bread, including breads from around the world. Lesson 11 focuses on serving, storing bread, and making bread centerpieces. Lesson 12 focuses on making money with breads and shares the stories of some successful bread-based businesses.