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M is for Monster believes in the power of play. In fact, we make it our mission! Our goal is to harness the power of play and foster a love of learning in your preschooler WITHOUT making parents and caregivers stress out about supplies and curriculum. We bring everything you need, right to your doorstep! So what exactly is play-based learning? Remember when you were little and wanted to be a doctor or a fireman? You spent hours pretending, dressing up in a costume, and reading everything you could about it? That is play-based learning, and we at M is for Monster are obsessed with it. It’s the perfect way to learn . . . it’s hands on . . . it’s creative . . . it explores problems . . . and it explores emotions. If you’d like to order preschool activities in a box that includes all the supplies you need for a project, visit MisforMonster.com and check out our premade packages.


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Preschool in a Box: Each weekly theme incorporates fine motor skills and development in five daily activities for children ages 2-5 as they learn about everything from apples to superheroes and snowmen to safaris! Most lessons also include letter/number recognition and counting, sequencing, patterns, or early math readiness.