Michelle Martin

Lesson Designer

Michelle Martin has been teaching music for over 20 years. Besides teaching piano and voice, Michelle is a performer, a choir director, a writer, a composer, and a homeschool mom. She has published three music curricula through Schoolhouse Teachers.  Reading is also a passion for Michelle, which is why she is an Usborne Books & More Consultant. Michelle lives with her husband, Jim, two daughters, Zoe and Eva, and a myriad of furry and aquatic friends.  She encourages conversation at her email address mmartin3275@gmail.com.

Course taught Michelle

If It Isn’t Baroque… The History of Western Music: A study of the history of the music in the western world. It begins with the study of music in ancient times in Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc., and progresses through Biblical times, Medieval times, the Renaissance, and modern music. Explanations are given to the student of the differences in the types of music, and instructions are given to make some of the instruments from ancient and Biblical times. Suggested listening activities are given for the various types of music, and activities are suggested for the student to research them more deeply.

Music Theory I and II: Music is a language, and in order to fully appreciate it, one first needs to understand how it works. Each sixteen-week course teaches key terminology and concepts in music theory and illustrates these concepts with pieces of classical music.