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Home-Based Business

Length: 7 units
Includes: Printable resources
Age/Grade: Family

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How to Use This Course

From deciding on a home-based business plan to implementing it and marketing your product, this course is full of practical tips. Whether you want to self-publish a book, create a crafting business, share a product with the homeschool sector, or come up with a creative way to make the budget stretch, you’re sure to find helpful information here.

Course Introduction

How do you decide what direction to take your home-based business? After you’ve started it, how do you promote your products? Do you have a book that you’ve written that needs to be shared? How can you brand your publishing company and self-publish your own book? Find the answers to these questions and many more in this home-based business course.

  • A Crafting Business: Industry at Home: Interested in making money from a craft you are passionate about? Learn the pros and cons of running your own business, as well as crucial tips that could make or break your venture into entrepreneurship in this 22-page eBook.
  • Marketing for Home-Based Business Success: After you’ve started your home-based business, learn how to market it! Try these tips to streamline your efforts and promote your business.
  • Self-Publishing Your Book: Pursuing a Dream: AK Fielding shares tips and inspiration for self-publishing your own book. From branding your publishing company to promoting it, she shares her experiences from self-publishing her own books.
  • So You Want to Start a Business? Jeff Quigley’s eBook will help you decide which direction to take your home-based business and will help fine tune your path to success!
  • To Market, To Market—Selling to the Home Education Sector: What is your business dream? Packed with informative, inspiring articles about business and marketing strategies, this eBook will help you reach your ambitious business dreams and turn them into reality!
  • Home Sweet Home (Business): Is there a purchase you need to make that just isn’t in the budget? Molly’s usual focus is on ways to spend less, but in this Digest, Molly takes a look at ways to earn more money from home!
  • Making Money from Home: In this Digest, Molly continues her look at more ways to earn money from home.

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