John De Gree

Lesson Designer

John and Zdenka De Gree live with five of their children in San Clemente, California. (Their oldest two are out of the house.) After working in private and public school education for over twenty years, John recognized the great need in American society to promote independent and critical thinking through open and thoughtful discussion of history. While home schooling, Zdenka realized that fun games that teach history are nonexistent. The Classical Historian teaches history through games and creative curriculum. Their materials are inspired by the best that is offered in the Western education tradition: openness, analysis, healthy competition, respect toward opposing viewpoints, recognition of an absolute truth, and academic honesty.

John earned his Masters of Arts in Humanities from Cal State Dominguez Hills, and Zdenka her MBA from Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovakia. After marrying, John and Zdenka founded a windsurfing school in Turkey and taught German tourists on the Mediterranean Sea. For four years, they lived in the Czech Republic, where they started their family. At Charles University, John studied World and Czech history and taught English and History in various locations. Since 1996, the De Grees have lived in California, where John has been teaching in public and home school for over nineteen years. note: External links may be automatically included within third party websites; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by nor by the lesson designer of any products, services, or opinions of the corporation, organization, or individual. Parents may wish to preview all links because third-party websites include ads that may change over time.

Courses by John

American History: From Columbus to 1914 with Socratic Discussion: This 32-week course begins with a nine-week study of how to study history using the classical method. Students will learn the tools of the historian including how to distinguish fact from opinion, use supporting evidence, analyze primary sources, and more. The remaining 23 weeks are spent learning about the history of the United States up to 1914 and debating and discussing it objectively.