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Having Fun with Kindergarten Science

Length: 22 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: Kindergarten – 1st Grades
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How to Use This Course

Each week’s lesson is broken down into four daily assignments. Lessons include printable components, engaging visuals, discussion ideas, hands-on activities, and suggested book lists.

Course Introduction

Get ready to go on a journey of exploration with your kindergartener! Through twenty-two engaging lessons and hands-on activities and experiments, they will have a chance to learn what a scientist does as well as learn about the world around them, including living and non-living things, life cycles, plants and animals, human senses, the weather, water, seasons, light, shadow, temperature, colors, and more.

  • Week 1: Introduction to Nature Studies
  • Week 2: Living vs. Non-Living Things
  • Week 3: Seeds
  • Week 4: Life Cycles
  • Week 5: Familiar Plants and How They Grow
  • Week 6: Familiar Animals and How They Grow
  • Week 7: Using Our Five Senses
  • Week 8: Farm Animals and Pets
  • Week 9: Soil and Rocks
  • Week 10: Weather
  • Week 11: Water
  • Week 12: Seasons
  • Week 13: Seashore
  • Week 14: Space
  • Week 15: Physical Characteristics
  • Week 16: Experiments
  • Week 17: Lights and Shadows
  • Week 18: Air
  • Week 19: Sun and Moon
  • Week 20: Temperature
  • Week 21: Colors
  • Week 22: Magnets

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